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Information about the socio-economic
position Zherdevsky area
Zherdevsky District is located in the southern part of the Tambov region, bordered on the north by Sampursky District Tambov region, west - Tokaryovsky District Tambov region, south - Ternovskiy Voronezh region, in the east Rzhaksinskim, Uvarovsky District of the Tambov region.
The region covers 1396.86 sq km
It refers to the southern area of ​​agro-climatic region of Tambov region. The climate is temperate continental, with warm summers and cold winters.
           The area is located in the steppe zone. Woodland Earth is 1.9 thousand. ha. On the territory of the river Zavala with numerous tributaries, there are 43 ponds, one of them is federal, nine by the region, which are mainly a source of water for household needs.
Earth region generally have fertile black soil that allows for intensive agricultural production.
The area has few deposits of building materials - clay and sand.
     The fauna is represented by the district corresponds to an average strip of Russia. The most common are: hare, fox, common vole, gopher. On the water expanses of many nests of migratory birds: ducks, geese, herons and others.
The district consists of 11 village councils, one urban settlement and 69 settlements.
On the territory of Zherdevsky area the most significant companies are: JSC "Znamensky sugar factory" - a branch of "Zherdevsky", JSC "Zherdevsky elevator", OOO "Meat Processing Plant" Zherdevsky ", LLC" VIAL-Grupp "(plant oils), LLC" Kommunalnik " BY "New" (bakery), OOO "Tambov Bacon", LLC "them. Karl Marx", LLC "Maxim-Gorky", JSC "Plodopitomnik" Zherdevsky ", LLC" Agrotechnology "in Zherdevsky district.
Population on 1 January 2015 - 28.4 thousand people, to the level of 2014 -.. 97.9% (29.6 thousand people.).
The population density per 1 sq km - 29 people.
The share of the population in the area Zherdevsky total population of the Tambov region - 2.7%. In terms of population Zherdevsky District ranks 5th among the 23 municipal districts of the Tambov region
Evenly distributed the population in urban and rural areas - the proportion of the urban population - 50.7% -49.3% rural.
Large village and the number of them:
- Burnakskaya village council - 2278 persons .;
- Pichaevsky village council - 1620 persons .;
- Tugolukovsky - 1625 people .;
- Shpikulovsky - 1966 people.
The demographic situation in the area is typical for most regions of the Tambov region and in the whole country and is characterized by a decrease in the population, which are the main causes of low fertility and high mortality.
Were born in the area in 2014 264 children, or 103.1% compared to 2013 (2013 -.. 256 people), 466 people have died, or 94.7% compared to last year (2013 -. 492chel.).
The number of officially registered unemployed in the 1st half 2015 amounted to 103 people, 6.2% more than in 2014. Registered unemployment rate - 0.65%.
Of the working population employed in the economy of the region in the 1st half of 2015 large and medium-sized enterprises employed 4082 person.
In addition, individual engaged in entrepreneurial activity in different spheres of economy 584 persons, private farms - 4372 people.
The average monthly salary of employees of large and medium-sized enterprises for the 6 months 2015 amounted to 22035.6 rubles., Which is 13.2% more than the corresponding period last year.
One of the indicators to assess the level of living of the population, is the size of a living wage, the value of which has increased from 4870 rubles. in 2012 to 7834 rubles. in 2015. The average pension in the year 01/07/2015 -. 10258.3 rubles, 10.9% more than at the beginning of the year (9,252.9 rubles).
Medical care in the territory of the district has Zherdevsky TOGBUZ "Zherdevsky CRH", which includes: branches №1 in s.Shpikulovo Zherdevsky district and branch №2 located Internacyjanalnaja str, g.Zherdevki ,; CRH hospital on 159 beds, 38 of which day care beds, 125 beds day and night stay at the clinic CRH 468 visits per shift; 13 medical therapeutic areas; 1 doctor lot of general practitioners; 5 pediatric areas; 24 FAP. All medical institutions have licenses for medical activities.
The education system Zherdevsky district currently has 4 basic schools and 10 branches.
Staffing teaching staff is 100%.
On 01.01.2015, the contingent of students of educational institutions of the municipal district was 2217 people, including the classes of preschool preparation - 77 people. In TOGBOU "Zherdevsky boarding school secondary (full) general education" - 382 people.
The average class size in schools located in rural areas was 10.0 people in the city schools - was 22 people. The number of socio-cultural complexes -5.
The district has a specialized secondary technical educational institution TOGBOU ACT "Zherdevsky College of the sugar industry", where existing technologies and mechanics of the sugar industry, here you can get a basic vocational education: mechanic, locksmith, repairer of agricultural machinery, as well as the driver's category "B" and "FROM". In 2014 TOGBOU ACT "Zherdevsky College of the sugar industry" produced 150 young professionals. The college offers courses for the development of the profession in other fields: hairdressers, welders.
Cultural institutions Services are quite popular residents of the district. In the area there are 5 municipal budgetary institutions and 44 branches.
The area is preserved network of library system. Total in the district operates MBUK "intersettlement central library" and 17 rural branches. Libraries district served 22,297 members, visits totaled 195,852 people. Library funds are constantly replenished and updated. During 2014 it received 8283 copies. print and electronic materials. As of 01.01.2015g. library holdings amount to 285 739 copies. Renewability Fund - 2.9%, which corresponds to the standard. The volume of the electronic catalog - 21.0 tys.zapisey.
 The district has 146 sports facilities, including 17 sports halls. Security gyms is 64%, 100% planar structures.
The district built 10 hockey boxes for winter sports - ice hockey, figure skating.
The total length of highways on Zherdevsky District is 693.9 km, including paved -254.4. The length of the city general purpose roads is 72.0 km (all paved), on the value and volume of transported cargo, they act as supporting routes that form the frame of the transport network of the district, in rural areas - 397.4 km.
Distance from g.Zherdevka to Tambov - 120 km.
Distance from g.Zherdevka to Moscow - 570 km.
A special place in the transport system of the region is the railway transportation. The district extends Southeast railroad mud-Povorino Station purpose of Zherdevka. In 2013, the reconstruction of the railway station (st.Zherdevka) from the airport terminal area.
Currently, all major towns have fixed telephony and communications department. In addition to fixed telephony residents of the area are cellular services.
In the area of ​​24 liaison offices. Provides strong reception of cellular communication (Megafon, MTS, Tele2, Beeline).
 Effective Internet provider, which provides high-speed access to the network. Number of users per 1000 people. the population is:
Internet - 138.8 units;
iTV - 35.8 units.
Electricity is produced from the grid area of ​​the branch of OJSC "IDGC of Center" - "Tambovenergo" Production Department "Zherdevsky electrical networks".
The main source of power is Zherdevsky 110/35/10 kV substation and Maxim Gorky, in addition, the district has 8 step-down substations: Burnaksnaya, Factory, Maksimovskaya, Tugolukovskaya, Shpikulovskaya and three g.Zherdevka.
JSC "IDGC of Center" - "Tambovenergo" operating company operating in two major markets: in the electricity transmission and distribution market, as well as in the market of technological connection (connection of customers to electrical networks with voltage 0.4-110 kV).
electricity is transported by networks of JSC "IDGC of Center" - "Tambovenergo", OAO "Tambov Grid Company".
The gasification level in the area of:
of the total housing stock 66.6%;
of the housing stock to be gasified 89.0%.
The total length of gas pipelines in the district 589,4km. Gas produced from the consumer area ARS "Zherdevka" installed capacity of 20 thousand. Cubic meters. m / hour. In connection with the need for additional volumes of gas consumption, taking into account the prospects of development of the industrial and municipal sectors Zherdevsky quarry area is planned to reconstruct AGDS Zherdevka to 40 thousand. Cubic meters. m / hour.
OOO "Gazprom mezhregiongaz Tambov" - a regional company for the sale of natural gas to industrial consumers and budget, as well as Zherdevsky district population.
The sources of water are artesian district and partly - surface water. Water Zherdevka city and surrounding settlements made by the group intakes, which are located in the city and near the sugar factory, in other settlements single artesian wells used to supply water to water towers or mine shafts. Water is supplied from artesian wells on the basic parameters corresponds to GOST, but has a high iron content. The city operates Zherdevka deferrization station. As of 01.01.2015g. Zherdevsky on the territory of the district there are 72 wells, including in - 56.
Centralized water supply in the area covered by 70% of the population. The length of the existing water supply networks - 177.9 km, the wear -. More than 83%. Water supplied to customers for the year: the city - 0.59 million m3, in the district - 0.7 million m3.. The average population of a vacation water per 1 inhabitant of the city - 127 liters, according to the district - 68 liters.
The total demand in the district of -1924 m 3 / day. The main supplier of the services is LLC "Kommunalnik".
Number of enterprises and organizations: in the area as of January 1, 2015 were registered 345 units of all forms of ownership, including 69 municipally owned organizations.
To date, the region registered 584 businesses, 90 peasant farms, in private farms 4372 people are employed.
Agriculture is a key sector of the region's economy. The priority direction of development of agriculture - agriculture. Agricultural land in the structure of the land fund of the district is 91.2%. Chernozem pochvy- is the main wealth of the region. The village is home to nearly half (49.9%) population of the district.
The main indicators of development in agriculture is to increase crop production. For five years the gross grain harvest consistently high and is more than half a million tonnes (556.2 thous. Tonnes).
Gross harvest of grain and leguminous crops with yields of up to 32.9 t / ha was 163.9 ths. Tons of grain.
Collection of sugar beet in 2014, with the average yield 388.7 kg / ha - 389.4 thousand tons..
An sunflower 35.64 ths. Tons. The yield reached 17.2 t / ha.
Every year growing rate of renewal of agricultural machinery. Purchase of tractors in the agricultural organizations of the district compared to the previous year has increased: in 2010 by 3.1%, in 2011 - by 4.6%, in 2012 - 3.5%; combine harvesters in 2010 - by 2.6%, in 2011 - by 3.5%, in 2012 - by 4.6%, in 2014. - 6.4% increase in .Tendentsiya to upgrade fixed for all types of agricultural machinery.
In recent years, there have been positive results in animal husbandry. In connection with the commissioning of the pig farm in the district of "Tambov Bacon" in 2014 produced 46.5 thousand tons of meat (live weight), to the average of the last 5 years -.. 19.1 thousand tonnes, increased by 2, 4 times.
In 2013, the decision of the district administration from 18.11.2013 №847 approved the municipal program "Development of agriculture and regulation of markets for agricultural products, raw materials and food Zherdevsky region of Tambov Oblast" for 2014-2020.
Municipal program provides the comprehensive development of all the sectors and sub-sectors, aimed at the development of the activities of the entire agricultural sector.
The volume of industrial production in the area of ​​large and medium enterprises amounted to 3077.7 million rubles for the year 2014, the growth rate to the level of 2013 -. 117.0%.
Shipped goods of own production, works and services for large and medium enterprises area in 2014 in the amount of RUB 2,287,700,000.. or 104.3% by 2013.
Industry in the region is represented mainly by the activities of the manufacturing sector (share in the structure - 99.1%). Among them - JSC "The branch Zherdevsky Znamensky sugar factory."
An effective investment policy is the determining factor in the development of Zherdevsky area. During the period 2010-2014, the amount of investment in fixed capital at the expense of all funding sources amounted to 15,046.2 million rubles. Most of these funds - investments in the development of agricultural production, manufacturing, transport, engineering and social infrastructure of the district.
In 2014 the volume of investments in fixed assets amounted to 2,556.7 million rubles, the share in total area Zherdevsky result on the field -. 2.3%. Investments in fixed capital per capita in 2014 amounted to 88047 rubles.
Investment growth mainly occurred due to the implementation of the district of the investment project "Construction of a pig farm in Zherdevsky area for the production of pork meat capacity of 90 thousand. Tons of meat per year, with feed mill capacity of 290 thou. Tons of feed a year of" Tambov Bacon ".
The construction of individual housing. In 2014, put into operation of housing a total area of ​​10244 square meters. m, 2.1 times more than in 2010 (4981 m).
The attractiveness of our area we see in the development of tourism.
Nature, culture and hospitality of our region zherdevtsev open the best opportunities for travel and leisure.
There are many interesting and beautiful places that will satisfy any man. In the area there are 19 monuments and architectural monument 3 - contemporaneous church: John the Baptist church with. Elm (1867); Michael - Archangel Church with. Pitim (1889); Spassko -. Preobrazhenovskaya Church n D. Poor (1908) is a former Spasso - Preobrazhenovsky Nosovskii men cenobitic monastery. On the territory of the village council is Vyazovsky attractions - holy spring "St. John - Baptist well."
The situation in the whole economy Zherdevsky District is characterized as stable. In order to create conditions for the favorable and rapid development Zherdevsky area, ensure production growth in all sectors of the economy area, creating a favorable environment for business development and investment in the development of economy, social sphere and to preserve the health industry, providing the support area on the territory of the district has a "Strategy of Social and economic development Zherdevsky region up to 2020".
The main directions of economic development of the area determined Zherdevsky:
- The location and value of the area in the planning structure of the Tambov region;
- Availability of convenient transport links with the regional center, regional groups, as well as Moscow and the Moscow region;
- Availability of agricultural resources;
- Availability of suitable reserve areas for industrial and civil construction.
The district implemented a set of measures that create conditions for the implementation of priority investment projects, forming a point of economic growth and provide increasing investment attractiveness Zherdevsky area:
measures to improve the investment attractiveness of the region;
the formation and implementation of urban policy area, taking into account the system of social, economic and environmental factors for the sustainable development of the region;
implementation of federal and regional programs and investment in the field of urban development, meet the public demand for housing, increase the level of security with modern facilities of communal infrastructure of social and cultural purposes (education, health, culture, physical culture and sports, social welfare).
Priority areas for investment in the municipality are:
Development of agriculture Zherdevsky area: